Farjana Salahuddin is an artist specializing in interactive and new media, with a focus on the transformation of spaces and objects into immersive experiences. Her enthusiasm for merging technology, design, and art has driven her to create cutting-edge experiential productions that explore the intersection of technology and art. Her creations revolve around establishing a unique reciprocity between the audience and the space or object, encouraging engagement of various senses to fully experience the artwork.


The Emir’s allegiance comes with his visions and dreams to raise the nation within its people and globally, which is fulfilled with his authority and the efforts, unity and solidarity of the people of Qatar. The sensory experience consists of a Bisht (representing the Emir’s authority) with generative visuals projected on to it. As visitor’s touch and feel the sheer fabric of the Bisht, various visuals grow on the Bisht indicating the achievements of his rule and authority. This interaction also indicates how the coming together of a nation’s leader and people leads to true fulfillment and commitment to vision. Among many sectors, the growing visuals will focus on the achievements of Qatar in the sector of art/culture and education.