Sheikh Khalifa Bin Abdulla Al-Thani is a distinguished filmmaker, artist, and curator who has significantly contributed to the cultural landscape over the past decade. With a noteworthy career at the Doha Film Institute, Sheikh Khalifa has garnered acclaim for his film “Border,” which earned the prestigious Silver award in the ‘Short Films’ category at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards. Currently embarked on a festival tour, the film promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

In addition to his filmmaking prowess, Sheikh Khalifa is actively involved in curating art exhibitions. Sheikh Khalifa envisions a future where the creative industries in Qatar and the Arab nation continue to flourish, nurturing and showcasing diverse talents. His passion lies in seeing more Qatari and Arab voices represented on the global stage, advocating for the importance of telling authentic stories and reclaiming narratives from external influences. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Abdulla Al-Thani’s multifaceted contributions underscore his dedication to fostering a rich and thriving cultural landscape in the region.