Mohammed Abdulla Al-Hamadi is a versatile artist and content producer engaging with diverse platforms such as cinema, television, and social media. His artistic journey began with the completion of his degree from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States, where he concurrently served as an Engineer for Qatar Petroleum. Al-Hamadi continued to develop his skills by studying fine arts at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, where he immersed himself in art foundation and history courses for four years.

As a co-founder of Innovation Films alongside a group of young Qatari creatives, Al-Hamadi has played a pivotal role in producing a spectrum of short and feature films and content for multiple platforms. The company has also been dedicated to nurturing local talents aspiring to enter the film industry, providing comprehensive training both in front of and behind the camera.

Throughout his career, Al-Hamadi has contributed to many noteworthy collaborative projects with local and regional artists. These include, “Alkoora,” a project with Reach Out To Asia ,and “What is Inside the Mind of a Cartoonist” with Qatar Youth Creativity Center. His artwork have been exhibited in a number of prestigious group exhibitions, such as “2030” (2020) and “50 x 50” (2019) at al markhiya gallery, as well as “Outbreak” (2020) and “Intaj” (2022 & 2023) at the Doha Film Institute.

Selected as a participating artist for the 7th edition of the artist in residency program at Doha Fire Station, Mohammed Abdulla Al-Hamadi continues to develop his skills, playing a significant role in the vibrant arts scene of Doha and Qatar.

GAZA 2023


Dimension: 60X100 Cm

A poster of the speech of hh sheikh Tamim in 11 NOV2023 calling for cease fire in Gaza.


GAZA 2003


Dimension: 60X100 Cm

A poster of the speech of HH Sheikh Hamad in 15 NOV 2009 calling for cease fire in Gaza