Alhosh gallery is a premiere art gallery based in Doha,Qatar

Founded in2008, previously located in the cultural hub of Doha, Souq Waqif. It was shutdown in 2014, and has since been working on a new approach which is a popup concept.

At Alhosh gallery we work with our artists on a one on one basis, developing their artistic practice and engaging to elevate their artworks on a globalscale. We are very passionate in enriching the Qatari art scene and making theNation proud through art and culture.


Alhosh Gallery envisions a dynamic and vibrant art landscape in Qatar, characterized by diverse artistic expressions that captivate and inspire. Through our innovative approach and global engagement, we aspire to contribute significantly to the cultural richness of Qatar, fostering a deep appreciation for art.


Alhosh Gallery is dedicated to nurturing and promoting the artistic journey of talented individuals. Our mission is to provide unparalleled support to artists, working collaboratively on a personalized level to enhance their craft. Through a range of services, including art production, management, events, and consultancy, we aim to not only showcase exceptional artworks but also to actively shape and elevate the Qatari art scene on a global platform.